Beautiful User Flow Diagrams

Build beautiful user flow diagrams to gain a better understanding of potential user pathways through your website, from page entrances to key page actions such as checkouts/sign-ups.

Symbols & Pages

We use all of the standard symbols you’ll find in most user flow diagrams, along with new page wireframes, or link pages from your sitemap that will automatically update with any edits made.

This allows you to create user flows to cover every possible action a user could take on your website, as well as ensuring that any changes to your sitemap pages are also synced to your user flows, where applicable.

Visual Sitemaps - Screenshots

Connectors with Icons

Choose from solid or dashed relationship connector lines, change connector line colors, and select from 1,000+ icons to help highlight the relationship between journey steps.

We use the full suite of icons from FontAwesome 4.7 in our user flow tool, along with a handy in-app search feature to help you find the most appropriate icon to represent the user journey step.

Large User Flows

To accomodate large and complicated user flows, you can add relationship connector lines to/from each symbol + page, up to 12 times – 3 for each side (top/bottom/left/right).

This enables you to create complex user flow diagrams, where every possible pathway a user could take in one session can be mapped out clearly and concisely, with no limit on the amount of symbols/pages or connectors used.

Visual Sitemaps - Screenshots

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