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Free Visual Sitemap Generator

Save days of time mapping your website's content using our super-fast sitemap generator (web crawler)
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Why use Rarchy?

Instead of importing pages from an XML sitemap (which may be out of date 🙁), our sitemap generator can crawl any website to create a beautiful visual sitemap.

By using our super-fast website crawler, we ensure that we only gather the freshest, most up-to-date pages from your website, so you can have 100% confidence that all pages have been captured. 😃

What happens next?

After you've generated your sitemap, use our fully-featured visual sitemap editor to view, edit & collaborate on your sitemap with your team.

All available inside your browser - nothing to install!

All the editing you could ever need.

We provide a full sitemap editor to allow you to create your perfect sitemap. Adding pages, renaming, deleting, dragging and dropping, cloning, you name it, you can do it.

Keep everybody involved.

All sitemaps in paid plans include unlimited collaborators with permission levels, so you can work with anyone & everyone thats needed.

Autocaptured full-page screenshots.

Okay, we know we've already talked about this feature already, but it's just too cool to keep quiet about. Scroll the image to see an example of a screenshot in all it's full-page glory.

250+ page wireframe templates.

Choose from over 250+ page wireframe templates for your custom page covers, handily grouped into 12 categories for searching.

Keep your sitemap manageable.

Our sitemap editor can handle thousand of pages. To keep your sitemap (and mind) free of distractions while editing, view one section at a time.

Go directly to pages.

Go straight to the pages you want to edit with our handy search function - it's always in the navbar for when you need it.

View custom covers by device.

We are living in a multi-device world, and it's important to have device parity. Switch between desktop/tablet/mobile views for your custom page covers.

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